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There is the War in our country.

Because of this we are made put on hold our activities in the frame of the main project, aimed to protect Ukrainian forests.

Now Charitable foundation «ZELENA KRAYINA» is reorienting our forces to work in the frame of new projects, aimed to organize the active help for people, mainly, mothers with children, elderly people and disabled people, who are happened to live and stay in the high-intensity battlefield areas. They need food, drugs, warm clothes and necessities of life.

We are planning to start fund-raising for products and drugs buying. Also we are organize the logistic system foe supporting of goods delivery from the USA, Germany and Poland.

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Green Country – is the Forest Protection Foundation.
We can save forests of our country together!
Wood was used in Ukraine to make furniture in 2020
100 000 tons
Ukraine's forest cover was cut down for export
16 %
Ukraine's forest cover was cut down for export in 2020
50 000 Ha
Stop deforestation together!
How we can save the ukrainian forests from total destructive logging
We hope that you are of concern to the forest conservation as much as we are. Our Foundation always needs your support.
Environmental constraints on the wood procurement, creation of the considered regulatory framework for the forest management
Implementation of the strict deforestation accounting and control system, adding greater punitive measures for illegal logging
Revitalization of the wood recycling and reduction of this resource usage in
Promotion of the social programs and notification to the general public about the solicitous attitude to this natural resource
Promotion of the social programs and notification to the general public about the solicitous attitude to this natural resource
Look at the forest situation in Ukraine in 2021
As of 2021, the area of ​​forest cover in Ukraine has decreased by 1.5% compared to 2020.

This situation was caused by illegal logging, a weak legal framework and inaction by local authorities.

By the end of 2021, the projected decrease in forest cover in Ukraine will be 3.8% of the total
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What we’ve already been successful in
Legislative projects have been developed
Forest protection projects were launched in 2020
2 345 745
So much money was raised and implemented for the purposes of our projects
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1 520 000 uah
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